November 5, 2022

6:30 PM DHS Auditorium

Committee members: Dina Greenwell, Alissa Cribbs and Jen Moreno

Sponsored by 

Durant Athletic Booster Club

Any questions or concerns please email

Contestant Requirements 

Calendar Ad/Sales:

  • Each contestant is required to sell a minimum of TWO ads for the calendar in business card size for $125 each. Half-page ads will be available for $250 each. Whole page ads will be available for $500 each.  Whoever sells the most ads in dollar amount will receive a prize.

  • Each contestant is required to pre-sell a minimum of 12 calendars at the cost of $15 each.  A pre-sale order form will be provided. $30 to be collected as entrance fee (cost of 2 calendars).  The delivery of the pre-sold calendars is the responsibility of the contestant. Calendars will be picked up at Deanna Hurley’s studio. Date and time TBD

  • Limiting contest to 40 contestants 

  • Please make all checks payable to Durant Athletic Booster Club

Ticket Sales:

  • TEN tickets will be available for each contestant to purchase at $12 each.  All TEN must be sold.  If additional tickets are needed, they will be issued on a first-come basis and sold at the door the day of the event.


  • Sell 2 ads ($250 min), 12 calendars ($180 – 2 presold as the entrance fee),

 10 tickets ($120)

  • $30 entry fee (2 calendars) to be paid via booster website when bio submitted online 

  • The Cover Girl and the 12 Calendar Girls may be invited to participate in various community events. 

  • It is mandatory that the Cover Girl and the 12 Calendar Girls attend the photo session scheduled for the calendar. Failure to attend can result in forfeit of their title/month. Photo shoot will be Sunday, Nov 6th from 2-6 pm  Location TBD

Dress Guidelines:

  • All dresses MUST be approved.  The dress will be photographed.

  • Dresses worn the evening of the event that do not correlate with the approved dresses will disqualify the contestant.

  • No plunging necklines

  • Bodice of the dress will be no lower than 2” from the top of the contestant’s arm crease

  • No see-through materials or exposed midriffs

  • No gowns with front/back open pleat extending higher than 4” above the knee.

  • No dresses with cutouts in the front and long plunging backs will be allowed.

  • No dresses may be any lower than the contestant’s natural waist.

  • Text a picture of the front and back of the dress and a full-length picture of the dress to 813-892-0397 (include your name in the text). The dress needs to be approved by October 12th

Contestant Guidelines:

  • Must have and maintain at least a 2.5 GPA (un-weighted)

  • Must not be pregnant or have ever borne a child

  • Must not have been convicted of a crime

  • Must be in good standings with the DHS Admin, inclusive of debts

  • Must follow Durant Booster Club on Instagram and/or Facebook

  • Must respond to Group Me messages – ALL communication will come from Group Me (please download) If a message is sent, please like the message so we know you received it.

  • Must not have received ISS or OSS during the current school year

  • Failure to attend meetings/rehearsals or missed deadlines will result in disqualification from the competition. Please communicate any conflicts.

  • Rehearsals are MANDATORY, NOT AN OPTION and tardiness will not be tolerated.  Be on time! Tardiness will be recorded and noted for judges.

  • Cell phones will not be on or in use during rehearsals

Scoring Tabulation:

Preliminary Competition: Final Competition (Top 25):

40% Natural Beauty 40% Natural Beauty

30% Personality 30% Poise/Question and Answer

30% Poise/Self Confidence 30% Overall Appearance

Cover Girl and Months:

  • Cover girl is limited to SENIORS ONLY.  The senior contestant with the top score will be awarded this placement in the calendar.

  • Calendar Months will be awarded to the top 12 overall highest scores and is open to the following grade levels: Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen.

Important Dates:

  • September 21st Application/Stage Bio Form Due Online

$30 entry fee due (2 calendars)

Ad and Calendar Sales envelopes issued after school 330-430 pm 

  • October 12th MANDATORY Ad Drop Off 330-430pm 

Lottery Line up  

Ad Money ($250) due in issued envelopes

Ticket order form issued 

Dress approval deadline 

  • October 26th MANDATORY Rehearsal  3:30- 5:30 pm

Pre-Calendar Sales monies due ($150)

Ticket $ due ($120)


  • November 4th MANDATORY Rehearsal 3:30 – 5:30 pm

Contestants to receive question

Competition Night

Contestants need to arrive promptly by 4:45 pm for check-in and dress inspection. Photographer will begin shooting individual pictures at 5 pm.

Contestants could be eliminated from the calendar due to missing their photography session. ALL contestants will be in the calendar as well as candid pictures taken by the photographer.

If the following points are not adhered to, the contestant WILL be disqualified from the competition and no money will be refunded.

  • NO family members or friends will be allowed backstage, in the gymnasium hallway, or in the contestant holding room at any time.

  • NO CELLULAR DEVICES of any type will be in use during the competition. Please turn them off.  Phones will be collected.

  • Food or drinks will not be allowed. Only bottled water. Please eat before arriving.

  • Inappropriate behavior or language will not be tolerated. Contestant will be asked to leave

  • RESPECT is always of the utmost importance 

Upon announcement of the winners, all 13 calendar girls MUST remain on stage for pictures.  Parents, relatives, and friends are NOT allowed on stage during this time.  If you leave the stage before you are dismissed by the competition officials, you will forfeit your title. Cover girl and Calendar girls will have a mandatory photo session following the event.  The date and time TBD

As the Cover Girl or Calendar Girl, you are an ambassador for DHS and the athletic booster club. If you are suspended, found illegally drinking, smoking, doing drugs, become pregnant, convicted of a crime, found to be posting inappropriately on social media, or your GPA drops below a 2.5, you will not be allowed to participate in any Calendar Girl functions.  NO REFUNDS will be issued, and the scholarship becomes null and void.

The Cover Girl will receive a crown, sash, flowers, and a scholarship from the DHS Booster Club (awarded at the end of the year). Each Calendar Girl will receive a sash and flowers.

Student Application (DUE 9/21)